How it all got started

The idea to publish a book started a long, long time ago, and that’s all I had – an idea. I tried to publish other books, but that’s where they all ended – at the idea.  I never finished anything. Nothing was good enough.

It all started with a book I’m reading and another idea.

So now I got the idea started. It’s still not good enough, but I’m going to take the next step. I’m going to share it with the world – page by page – imperfect ‘n all!

Let me just say that this cat illustrations are so daunting to me because I can’t illustrate. As a book designer,  putting the content and illustrations together is the fun part! I don’t do illustrations. I don’t. And I’m not a writer either. I’m not. I’m a book designer experimenting with mediums I probably shouldn’t. But doing it nonetheless!

My perfectly imperfect book about my two terribly questionable cats.

WELCOME! I hope you enjoy the journey!


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