An interview with KATZENWORLD

I recently met another cat blogger online. Marc Runcie-Unger started his cat blog, Katzenworld, a long long time ago. We got chatting on email and wanted to share some ‘behind the scenes’ thoughts and advice with you!

katzenworld collage

This is what Marc had to say about himself, his cats and blogging…


Katzenworld… does the name have a special meaning? Why did you choose this name?

Katzen is German and means cats. 😀 We basically were looking for a fun name that represents cats. J


A boring question but a very important one: if your cat Oli could talk, what do you think he would say to you?

Hmm…. He would probably say.. NO MORE PHOTOS LOL


Aside from your love of cats, who is Marc ?

Apart from loving cats I am avid video game player 😮 Even though since starting the Blog I have spent most of my free time on this! For my regular job I work as a web product trainer. J


What’s your favorite food dish? …tell me its not tuna J

Chicken Katsu Curry! And anything else Japanese for that matter haha.


Why do you love cats so much that you’d blog about them?

Everyone should have a cat! They are loyal and yet independent and when they show their love to us it is because they want to. ❤ And of course because they are so mischievous and curios about everything 😀


Have you ever written a book?

I have started one a long time ago… A Science Fiction book but never finished it. One of those days I will have to complete it!


Who’s your favorite fictional cat and why?

 Simon’s Cat! Because he is funny and always up to no good. J


What’s the most interesting fact you’ve learnt about cats so far?

That my friends cat can open windows without THUMBS! Check the video out here.


How long have you lived in London? Were you born and raised there?

I have lived in London since 2007 after moving here for a video game translation job. I was born in a small village in Germany and lived most of my life near a city called Hannover. J


In your opinion, what makes a good cat blog?

It needs to have a mixture of funny stories, photos, useful tips and advice as well as relevant product reviews.


How do you fit time in your day to blog?

I tend to do some before I start work (Going into the office early and avoiding rush hour ha!) and some during lunch and the evenings. J It also does help that my 2 best friends are helping as well!


Are the stories/video’s/writings a collection over the years, or do you record and share stories as they happen? 

A lot of the stuff I am posting at the moment are things I collected over the years with my two cats but there is also quite a bit of new stuff in there. You can usually tell the older ones apart as the photo quality is not as good 😉

If something cool and amazing happens or I need some new footage for a review I will take these just before posting. J


You also have other social media channels for Katzenworld blog… Facebook and Twitter … a brand name in itself! What’s your goal for Katzenworld blog?

Our longterm goal is to have a good crowd of followers across all channels and provide people with a nice escape from the “real world” to relax while reading about our own cats and guest cats. We would love to have a steady flow of guest submissions as it is always nice to feature a broad spectrum of different stories and cats!

And at some point we may even put up some of Yuki’s artwork for sale. 😉


Any advice for cat lovers out there wanting to do what you do?

Be yourself! Don’t try to be someone different and just post the way you would like to see posts. It is important that you believe into what you post as otherwise it doesn’t represent yourself and will become a strain rather than being a fun hobby you enjoy. J


Any advice for cats?

Watch out for the cameras of your owners and don’t forget to ask for some extra crunches every time your owner takes photos for the Blog! Oh and do censor their photo stories – you don’t want those awkward moments to become public do you? 😉



Hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to leave your comments below 😉


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