Patch & Purrr was errr… busy

On being busy

Its been a year since I last shared anything new on Patch and Purrr. I’ve been… busy.

‘Busy’ working a day job. ‘Busy’ been… ‘busy’. You’ll notice when someone hasn’t a clue what to say or ask, ‘busy’ almost always comes up in conversation… “So, how you been? Busy?”.

Food for thought: Do you think cats procrastinate?

Its not good to be busy. We miss the important things in life. Finding a balance is the hard part. We can be busy just surviving life. Or we can be busy moulding it.

For a while I’ve been delaying something I was meant to do a long long time ago.

More food… for thought: Why does busyness sound like business? It is because at the very heart of business IS just busyness? and nothing else?

I procrastinate on the things I love because its not finished yet or good enough or I’m too tired or I’m too busy making it perfect – in my head! – before I actually DO something.

These scans are not perfect. Hell! if I waited for that I’d never share this. In any case, perfect is boring.

Quick catchup on the cat front

Patch has really grown since a year ago. No more a little kitten. Just as feisty as Purrr.

Purrr, on the other hand hasn’t changed much. Still the sad cat. Bit older, but still fighting like a two year old.

At least now they get on like a house on fire especially when they racing round the house playing ‘you’re it’!

In the meantime, amongst my ‘busyness’ I’m trying to work on familiarising my hand at drawing these freely for their new 2016 look. Only problem is, I liked the first sketches so much that I’m too scared to draw them again – afraid I won’t capture that first ‘perfect’ sketch… there I go again… been perfect ‘n perfectly boring! …need to work on that 😉




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